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Can you exercise too much?

This is a question that I have been pondering for some time.  I am still trying to figure out how is it that when I went from walking 8 hours a week to 4 hours a week, I regained most of the weight I had lost.  I can’t say for sure, but I did come across some information that suggests that overtraining can actually stress the body to the point that it will hold on to calories even more.  Perhaps my body was too stressed and when I reduced my walking workouts, it simply took the opportunity to recoup its losses.  I suppose that is one theory.  Of course, there are other factors I may need to consider, but those are probably beyond the scope of this blog post.

I am making the effort to walk at least 3 times a week again, and this time, I am taking some breaks during my walks.  I still like to go out for about 2 hours at a time, but instead of non-stop, fast walking for 2 hours straight (which is what I used to do) I now take several breaks.  I haven’t been doing this long enough to say for sure if it is working better, but I suppose, like any exercise routine, I will have to wait and see what the long-term results are.  

I’ve made another change to my exercise routine as well.  A while back, I happened to be watching Teresa Tapp on a PBS special and decided that her book on T-Tapp exercise was worth reading.  Although most of the book is filled with testimonials that read like an advertisement for her products, the information she gives is solid and convincing.  The complete 15-minute T-Tapp workout is explained in detail in the book.  I am doing that workout 3 to 4 times a week in addition to the walking.  Again, it is too early to say what effect this is having on me, but so far, it seems to be positive.  

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Back After a Long Hiatus

I have been on hiatus from blogging for quite a while now, and likewise, I took a break from walking.  Just a few weeks ago I started to ease back into my walking routine.  Despite taking out a two-year gym membership a year ago last June, I have discovered that I really don’t like to go to the gym, and much prefer to walk outdoors.  Unfortunately, our weather here is much too hot during the summer for that, hence the long hiatus.  

However, I have not completely ignored my quest to discover the key to healthy weight.  I have certainly tried and failed many times over the years when it came to weight loss.  As I’ve discussed before in this blog, diets are designed to fail.  The weight loss industry knows this, and the biggest names in weight loss all very cleverly redesign their program every few years.  After all, when the weight comes back, you can just blame it on the  old program, because hey, there’s a new one that’s going to work much better…until it doesn’t.  To quote John Bradshaw, “Diets are the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on a suffering group of people.”  

I have spent a lot of time reading during my walking (and blogging) hiatus, and have endeavored to uncover the emotional and psychological reasons behind toxic weight.  I’m sure there are many, and the reasons most certainly vary from person to person.  According to Louise Hay, excess weight is often the mind’s way of creating physical protection.  It doesn’t have to necessarily signify protection from physical abuse.  In fact, I would guess that for most people, it is probably protection from emotional and psychological abuse.  And as Henry Grayson points out in his excellent book on mind-body healing, much of this abuse (or negative programming) is unconscious.  So, the key is to uncover the unconscious beliefs and reprogram them.  Ah, that is quite a task, and one I have only begun to tackle. 

So here I am, having gone through the cycle once again of having lost weight and regained.  However, this time is a bit different.  Unlike with dieting, where I would gain it all back and then some (we all can relate to that, I’m sure), I only gained back part of it.  A lot of this weight gain happened when I cut my walking from 8 hours a week to 4 hours.  That concept still has me stumped.  Once I dwindled down to no walking, my weight seemed to hold steady.  Believe me, I’m NOT giving up walking, but I certainly need to reevaluate my plan.    

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Tea, anyone?  I just bought this at Trader Joe’s and it is divine! 

Tea, anyone?  I just bought this at Trader Joe’s and it is divine! 

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Move Your Body, Shift Your Energy

I just recently began reading Sandra Anne Taylor’s Secrets of Attraction and was struck by something I came across on page 31:  ”Every time you move your body with the intention to move out your old, unhealthy feelings and thoughts, you make a dynamic shift in your frequencies.”  

Since beginning my walking journey roughly nine months ago, this has played out many times. (In fact, I must give credit to a Sandra Anne Taylor podcast for getting me moving in the first place.)  I’ve shifted a lot of clutter from my life, started writing regularly, began using manifestation techniques, lost weight, and found subtle ways to change my thinking on a daily basis.  

I’ve also discovered that energy shifts will affect the people around us, and sometimes the reaction is not always positive.  People who are accustomed to your old energy patterns sometimes react in inappropriate (or even hostile) ways.  This is when you really discover who and what is not working in your life.  I know it’s been said before that people and situations simply reflect your own mind set, but I also think that some people are just comfortable with dysfunctional relationships and feel threatened when others change.  

However, in the end, the changes you make are always worth it, and if you feel stuck in your life, get out and take a walk.  Move your body, get away from negative people, and shift your energy today.  You just may find that your life will take a turn for the better.  

Today’s affirmation:  With every step I take, I shift my energy and change my life. 

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The Trouble with Meditation

Lately I’ve read (or at least started to read) a number of books about meditation.  For years I’ve heard about the benefits of meditation, and yet I can’t seem to get myself to do it on a regular basis.  Perhaps the trouble is that I have just not made it a habit, yet?  Or perhaps I have not found the right method for me.  Anyway, I thought that I might try combining a breathing exercise I recently learned (from Seka Nikolic’s new book) with my walking workout. 

This breathing exercise is really quite simple and involves visualizing the chakras while you breathe in and out.  Basically, you imagine drawing breath in through your root chakra and drawing it up to your heart center, holding it for a second, and then letting it continue out of your crown chakra.  Another variation on this exercise is to visualize breathing in through your root chakra and then breathing out of each chakra in turn, starting with the crown chakra and working your way down.  

I probably managed to focus on this for a good five minutes while walking, but I have to admit to being distracted since I was surrounded by so many people.  Perhaps I will try this again in a much quieter setting and see how much longer I can maintain my meditative walking state.  

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Walking Outdoors

I have spent much of my summer walking on a treadmill at the gym while my Disneyland pass was blocked out.  I realize I could probably have gone to the park or the beach to do my walking, but the heat and the sun prevented me from choosing that option.  (Being fair-skinned, I try to limit my exposure to the sun, especially during the summer months).  

Last night I was able to once again take a walk through Disney’s California Adventure.  I waited until evening when the sun went down and the temperature dropped.  It was still hot outside, but at least I was not walking under the burning sun.  I realized even more how much I missed walking outdoors and having lots of entertaining sights to look at.  That alone motivates me to walk a lot longer than I might otherwise.  Two hours of walking at the Disneyland resort goes by very quickly.  At the gym, I look forward to my hour on the treadmill being up.  It certainly does help to enjoy the exercise you’re doing, and although I resisted joining a gym for a long time, there are some benefits.  However, I still prefer to walk outdoors whenever I can.  

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Walking and Energy Shifts

Just today I was contemplating the changes that have taken place since I began my walking journey last December.  Granted, I have lost weight, so there have been physical changes.  Since then, I have had to buy new clothes in smaller sizes.  I started clearing out the closet with a vengeance.  As a result, I was motivated to clear clutter in other ares of my home as well.  I got rid of stuff that was not only taking up physical space, but had invaded my mental and emotional space.  Once those items were gone, the energy shift was quite palpable.

It seems as though my walking routine has resulted in a string of events that have led to a series of psychological and emotional shifts.  My overall mood is generally happier and more consistent.  I find myself seeing certain (dysfunctional) people in a different light.  It is though I am seeing through a veil and understanding what is underneath.  As a result, I am able to disconnect from this toxicity more than I have in the past.  Had it not been for the walking, I don’t think these changes would have taken place, or at least not as rapidly.  I always knew that walking was benefitting me in more ways than one, and now I’m quite sure of it.  

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Keep it or let it go?

Over the years as my weight has gone up and down (but mostly up!), I have been challenged with same old dilemma: What do I do with perfectly good clothes that I can’t fit into anymore?  I know many of us hang on to too-small clothes with the idea that we will “fit into them one day.”  However, feng shui practitioners will tell you NOT to hold on to these items, and I completely agree.  Letting all of those clothes hang in the closet only serves to remind you of your weight loss failure since you still can’t fit into them.  Do yourself a favor today and let them go.  I finally let all of those clothes go last year before I started my walking routine (and consequently began losing weight), and I have no regrets.  Honestly, I am enjoying buying clothes again in a newer (smaller) size.  When I think back to all the clothes I hung on to for way too long, I only wish I had gotten rid of them sooner.  Perhaps if I had done that, my life would have taken a different path.  Now I look forward to buying new outfits rather than fitting into old ones.  Try it for yourself.  I think you’ll find that letting go of those old reminders will do more for your waistline than hanging on to them ever did.  

Today’s affirmation:  I release the past and live in the present.  My future is glorious.  

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Letting Go

I am in the mood to let go of lots of stuff and I’ve been somewhat preoccupied with this (so much so that I haven’t walked since last Thursday).  Well, today I looked in my closet and saw a camcorder that I haven’t used in five years.  I bought it to film a family event, but then the event turned into something very negative due to the fact that a particular family member used the occasion to retaliate against another family member.  (I unfortunately got some of the brunt of that as well, even though it wasn’t aimed at me in particular.)  As a result, I did nothing with the tape, and then the camcorder sat unused because it reminded me of that horrible day.  Needless to say, this negative energy has been stewing in my closet for five years!  Today I decided to do something about it.  I took it out to see if it works, and it does.  I figured I should photograph it to get ready to sell online.  It then occurred to me that my brother or nephew might want it, so I e-mailed them with my offer.  At any rate, I hope to have this gone, one way or another.  It will be such a relief to get rid of this thing!  

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Am I too old for the gym?

If you’ve been reading my blog, you know that I decided to join a gym.  Well, I’ve been to this new gym a few times now and I’m still getting used to the whole experience.  I spend an hour on the treadmill each time, and I always have my Kindle with me.  (I get a lot of reading done, that’s for sure.)  However, sometimes I think I am the oldest person in there (and I’m only in my mid-40s).  In fact, the first day I went in for a workout, the person at the counter helped me with the check-in process, and asked if this was my first time in a gym.  I confessed that I had been a member of another gym and told him I had found my old membership card while cleaning out my gym bag, and that my card was from 1989.  He looked really stunned, as though he had never seen anyone as old as I am come into the gym (perhaps he hasn’t).  It does feel a little strange, but I try to stay focused on why I’m there, which is to keep up with the walking.  Admittedly, it is not as entertaining as walking through the Disneyland Resort or a local park, but I am out of the heat and the sun, and right now, I’m grateful for that.  

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