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Pennies for the Wishing Well

I recently had this idea that I would throw a penny into every wishing well and fountain that I came across at the Disneyland Resort.  However, I didn’t want to just throw in pennies — I needed wishes to go with them!  Since I am working my way through the plan outlined in Manifesting Matisse, it seemed appropriate to state one of my affirmations each time I threw in a penny.  (After all, affirming is better than wishing, right?)  So, it became a challenge to find all the wishing wells (Disneyland has two: one near Sleeping Beauty’s castle, and the other at Minnie’s house) and the fountains.  I even threw pennies into some of the waterfalls (such as the one behind the Dumbo ride), but decided against large bodies of water.  

So, after going through both parks, I also managed to go through the pocketful of pennies I brought with me.  And wouldn’t you know it, I reach into my purse a few days later and find a bunch of pennies in the pocket where I keep my cell phone!  I never put change in there, so I have to believe my finding these stray pennies is another synchronicity.  Isn’t life wonderful?  

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