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Recently I got the idea to use the many affirmations in Sondra Ray’s book, The Only Diet There Is, as a starting point for the EFT work I’ve been doing based on Dr. Grayson’s method.  As I started reading through Ray’s book again, I came across a paragraph which really sums up the idea that weight is really related to beliefs, and not food.

"Food has nothing to do with weight. It is the thoughts and attitudes you have about yourself, about food, and about your body that cause overweight. Only by changing your thoughts and attitudes about yourself, about food, and about your body will you free yourself from the tyranny of endless worrying and endless dieting." 

This book is a real treasure trove of wisdom on underlying causes of overweight, and yet so few people seek out such books when dealing with weight.  Why are we so obsessed with dieting and the external factors rather than emotions and the internal aspects of healing weight?  Maybe it’s just the feeling of control we get from dealing with the non-emotional factors.  Maybe it’s just too hard to face the emotions buried in our toxic weight.  

For the time being, it seems our future is riddled with more diet books, exercise programs, and pills, because that’s what people want, apparently.  Perhaps we need to create more safe environments for weight loss instead of more diet centers.  A radical idea indeed, but we are all free to choose our own paths.  What path will you choose? 

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Conflict: Does it serve a purpose?

I love it when I read a book and some amazing words of wisdom that I didn’t expect to come across leap out at me.  This happened just yesterday while reading a book called ThetaHealing.  I was reading a chapter that had to do with deep-seated beliefs and how they can block the healing process.  The section that really struck a chord with me was the one about conflict. The author suggests that perhaps we need conflict, and therefore, we draw these people to us.  Are they here to present us with a challenge to overcome?  Or perhaps the person’s aggression motivates us?  These and other questions were a real eye-opener for me, especially since I have someone in my life who creates a lot of conflict within the family.  

So, what does one do about it?  Well, the author has some profound words of wisdom on this subject.  If someone in your life is making you miserable and sad, free them from this obligation.  Although the particular healing method presented in the book is too complex to present in a blog post, I recommend using an affirmation such as the following: “I release (name of person) from his/her obligation to create conflict in my life.”  

Today’s affirmation:  I release the need for conflict in my life.   

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The Only Diet There Is

Since purchasing a Kindle several years ago, I almost never read physical books anymore, but recently I was reminded of a paperback book I own called The Only Diet There Is by Sondra Ray.  A few months ago, I mentioned that I didn’t believe in dieting and swore never to do it again.  (See the original post here.)  Well, I still believe that, and that is precisely why I like Sondra Ray’s book!  There is no advice on what to eat or how to exercise.  In fact, the book is really about dieting from negative thinking.  The author herself says that this diet can be done entirely in bed, and that’s exactly where I do it.  I love to read it late at night before I fall asleep.  The book is full of affirmations and addresses a whole range of life issues, all of which can contribute to our problem with weight and overeating.  As I read through it and repeat the affirmations to myself, I’m amazed at how many of these words ring true for me.  There are so many nuggets of wisdom in this book, that I couldn’t possibly list them all.  But I often think about this statement: What we eat does not make us fat; it’s what we think about what we eat that makes us fat.  So true!  So let’s forget about the guilt and enjoy what we eat.  According to Sondra Ray, we can be thin eating any kind of food, as long as we lose the negative thoughts that go with it.  

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Mindful Walking

On my recent walks I’ve made a conscious effort to have some sort of mental focus.  I’ve read that many of the thoughts we think each day are the same thoughts we had the day before, and the day before that…well, you get the idea.  And as is often the case, many of these thoughts can be negative, and focusing on what we don’t want in life generally brings us more of the same. 

During my last walk I decided my focus would be on affirmations relating to health and fitness.  Instead of rehashing the stress of the day and making judgements about myself or my body, I repeated affirmations that would reinforce the positive progress I was making by choosing to walk.  I am now trying to expand this idea into other areas of my life.  Wouldn’t it be great if we could replace our negative self-talk with positive affirmations until gratitude and joy became the norm?  I can only imagine how much better life would be for all of us.  

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